Reservations Policy

Reservation Requirements

  • All reservations to be made on our web based AeroCRS system.
  • We have a one fare policy and a change fee applies‚ no refunds are permitted.

Ticketing Time Limits

When you book your Ticket with the AEROCRS system, you have 15 minutes to make your payment. The booking will auto cancel after the stated time.

Personal Data:

We may use the personal Data that you provide for the purposes of:

  • Making a reservation and purchasing a ticket
  • Obtaining ancillary services
  • Developing and providing services
  • Facilitating immigration and entry procedures
  • Accounting and billing purposes
  • Verifying and screening credit or other payment cards
  • Safety‚ security‚ health‚ administrative and legal purposes
  • Marketing analysis
  • Systems testing‚ maintenance and development

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